About - LeBrocquy Fraser Productions Ltd was launched in Ireland in 2002 as a global independent production house with the intention to finance, produce, and distribute high quality feature length motion pictures. Since then we have won multiple awards for our films which frequent festivals throughout the world, enjoyed theatrical releases and reached audiences across the globe with multiple major broadcasters.

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Our Mission

At leBrocquyFraser we strive to bring to the big screen those films we want to see ourselves, not ‘niche’ projects but those that deserve a place in world cinema. We develop our own slate of original and interesting film projects from around the world, across a variety of genres. We support and nurture talented writers and directors, and solid creative teams that have great stories to tell.

We serve as ambassadors, contributing our expertise and wide network of contacts to help bring projects to light that may not otherwise find an audience outside their local territories. We ensure wide audience appeal through ensuring high-end production values and the appropriate marketing.

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The Pulse Of Asia

There is a huge untapped vein of stories from the greater Asian region – from China to the Malay Archipelago to India to the Middle East – stories that will intrigue and entertain a global audience. And Asia’s cosmopolitan urbanscapes are perfect settings for contemporary stories with an edge.


Asia represents the fastest-growing economies in the world, and leBrocquy Fraser finds the angle for high-end commercial films to be made in the region.

Julia LeBrocquy
Julie le Brocquy

Julie Le Brocquy is one of Ireland’s leading creative film producers. Her work has been showcased at leading festivals, been the recipient of numerous awards and received extensive distribution throughout Europe the United States and Asia. Having worked as a Bond trader for 12 years at Salomon Brothers in London and Asia she is extremely well versed in all phases of the investment process and thus brings together a unique blend of skills in both the financial and film arenas.
Julie was born in Ireland to a prominent family in the arts and in business. The leBrocquy’s have been for many generations strong patrons of the arts, both as supporters and as artists. Louis (1916-2012) was Irelands most prominent modern artist. Sybil, her grandmother was a founder of Amnesty in Ireland and a major lobbyist for government support for the arts. Both are highly recognised for their work and have been a huge influence on Julie’s outlook and interests.

Her decade of experience as a producer has included partnerships with major cable networks and studios as well as ongoing independent production initiatives. She has a breadth of experience, relationships and contacts throughout the film industry that enable her to strategically produce and distribute effectively. Julie’s skills in developing creative marketing and exit strategies are ideally suited for the film sales market, as proven in her ten years of film production experience. This unique blend of financial and film disciplines enables her to maximize the potential return from a film production. Julie has travelled extensively and has lived out side of Ireland for about half her life. She spent years living in Asia and takes a particular interest in global stories and helping those without voices to speak. The filmography of leBrocquy Fraser ltd strongly reflect her sensibilities in Asia and the middle east. She is currently working on a larger work which she hopes to have adapted for TV as a High quality Series along the lines of Newsroom.


Filmography - At leBrocquyFraser we pride ourselves on our ability to help local voices tell local stories. From Indonesia to Dublin, below is a list of stories we're proud to have played a part in creating.

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